Scar Management

Oleeva Clear®

Adhesive and transparent Silon sheeting offers transparency and remarkable stretch and conforming characteristics.

Oleeva Fabric®

Adhesive Silon with a backing layer of smooth and silky textile, Oleeva Fabric is an ideal choice for use under clothing and pressure garments.

Oleeva Scar Shapes®

Oleeva Fabric cut into anatomical shapes are specially designed to treat scarring from breast, abdominal and other surgical procedures.

Oleeva Foam®

Adhesive Silon with foam backing combines an adhesive silicone surface with a soft, pliable cushioning material.


Silon Silicone Elastomer Sheeting offers maximum durability in a soft, compliant, low-profile design for pressure garments and splint fitting.


Silon Silicone Thermoplastic Splinting for patients with facial burn injuries, combining pressure and silicone therapy in one step. Formed using customary high-temperature techniques.


Combines Low Temperature Splinting and Silon, can be softened in warm water and formed directly against the patient’s skin. Eliminates high temperature molding when transparency is not needed.

Silon TEX®

This soft, pliable fabric with a durable layer of Silon on one side will last for months without replacement. Available in rolls for point-of-care use or incorporated into custom-made garments from our compression garment partners.

Silon Gel Cleanser

Prolongs the life of Oleeva and Silon scar management products. It’s gentle and contains no harsh detergents.