Intelligent wound care with the temporary skin substitute

SUPRATHEL® is an innovative skin substitute for the treatment of dermal wounds. Especially with the wound care of scalds and burns, abrasions, as well as split-thickness skin graft donor sites the application of SUPRATHEL® leads to excellent healing success.

Just like a second skin, SUPRATHEL® covers the wound and due to its specific property leads to a quick healing without any complications.  SUPRATHEL® was developed analogous to the human skin and thus shares the same properties such as elasticity, permeability to water vapor and impermeability to bacteria.

SUPRATHEL® is purely synthetic and therefore does not bare any residual risks as is the case with biological products of human or animal origin.

The degradation products of SUPRATHEL® stimulate the healing process by supporting the angiogenesis and the re-building of the dermis. The acidification of the wound with SUPRATHEL® has an additional bactericidal effect and thus minimizes the risk of infections.

The treatment of skin wounds with SUPRATHEL® represents a new innovative treatment concept.

SUPRATHEL® as a thin elastic membrane which adapts itself optimally to the surface of the wound and adheres practically on its own. Thus, there is usually no need for further fixation of SUPRATHEL® for example by means of a single stitch suture.

SUPRATHEL® is only applied once onto the previously cleaned and disinfected wound and it stays there until the wound is completely healed. After it is applied, the membrane becomes transparent and makes the inspection of the healing process possible.

SUPRATHEL® can be easily removed from the healed skin parts without causing the patient any pain and thus works as an indicator for the successfully completed epithelization.

The advantages of working with SUPRATHEL®


Properties of SUPRATHEL®


Permeability to water vapor


Item# Size Per Piece Quantity per box
150505 2 x 2 in (5 x 5 cm) 5
150910 3.5 x 3.9 in (9 x 10 cm) 5
151810 7.1 x 3.9 in (18 x 10 cm) 5
151823 7.1 x 9.1 in (18 x 23 cm) 5

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