Silon-TSR® is a leading edge technology specifically designed for advanced woundcare.

The product provides a moist environment for rapid epithelialization, and a non-adherent surface for maximum patient comfort.

Silon-TSR is the ideal temporary skin replacement for:

  • Laser resurfacing
  • Dermabrasion wounds
  • Second-degree burns
  • Donor sites
  • Graft sites
  • Skin tears

Selective Adhesion

The unique surface properties of Silon-TSR create a self-cling effect without the use of adhesive.  Silon-TSR gently clings to the wound surface and surrounding skin, but is easily removed when desired.

Improved Patient Comfort

Silon-TSR is made from a complex weave of biopolymers producing a thin membrane that is non-adherent and highly compliant.

Silon-TSR does not integrate into the wound as healing takes place.  The soft membrane material drastically reduces pain throughout the healing process and during dressing removal.  The result is enhanced comfort and greater patient satisfaction.

Ease of Use

Silon-TSR is easy to apply, and can be repositioned during application.  Silon-TSR remains virtually invisible throughout the duration of use, thereby permitting continuous monitoring of the wound without removal of the dressing.

Item# Size Per Piece Quantity per box
2025P-10 5 x 5 in (13 x 13 cm) 10
2050P-10 5 x 10 in (13 x 25 cm) 10
2132P-10 11 x 12 in (28 x 30 cm) 10
2200P-10 Face Mask 10
2200P-K10 Face Mask Kit 10
2240P-10 Roll: 5 x 48 in (13 x 122 cm) 10
Note: Each piece is individually packaged for dispensing single pieces. For quantities other than a box of 10, please contact our office.

For pricing information or to place an order,
please call 1-800-257-4566 or e-mail customer service.