Advanced Woundcare


Temporary Skin Replacement: A moist environment for rapid epithelialization and a non-adherent surface for laser resurfacing, dermabrasion wounds, second degree burns, skin tears.

Silon-TSR® Face Mask

Precut Face Masks: Easy to apply, and can be repositioned during application. The mask remains virtually invisible throughout use, permitting continuous monitoring of the wound.

Silon-TSR® Face Mask Kit

Precut Face Mask Dressing: The kit includes a Silon-TSR Face Mask and all of the associated materials needed to dress a laser resurfacing or dermabrasion wound.



Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing: Specifically designed as a simple, comfortable, atraumatic wound contact layer.

Silon Dual-Dress 50®

Multi-Function Wound Dressing: Designed specifically as a protective covering over excised burn wounds, autograft sites or biosynthetic dressings.