Oleeva Fabric

Oleeva Fabric® can reduce existing scars and may be used to aid in the prevention of new scars resulting from traumatic or surgical injuries.

Oleeva Fabric uses the same patented Silon® technology as our Oleeva Clear® products. The silky fabric backing makes it easy to wear under clothing, and reduces shifting and edge roll-up when used under pressure garments.

Thin, soft and flexible—Oleeva Fabric is so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing the latest technology for scar management. Our Silon technology offers remarkable stretch and conforming characteristics.

Oleeva Fabric is self-adhesive for maximum convenience and versatility.

Oleeva Fabric: A unique combination of breathability, flexibility, washability and adhesiveness.

Purchase Oleeva Fabric

1.5 x 5 in (4 x 13 cm)

Price: $22.33

2 x 8 in (5 x 20 cm)

Price: $32.03

5 x 5 in (13 x 13 cm)

Price: $51.27

5 x 10 in (13 x 25 cm)

Price: $92.61

8 x 12 in (20 x 30 cm)

Price: $168.68