• Innovations in Skin

    Innovations in Skin

    Since 1987, Bio Med Sciences has been improving lives with creative solutions for health care providers and consumers around the world. Our Silon® technology blends the best properties of silicone and teflon, enabling us to develop new and innovative products for wound care, scar management and skin renewing technologies.

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  • Scar Management and<br>Skin Care

    Scar Management and
    Skin Care

    Concerned about unsightly scars or wrinkles?
    Bio Med Sciences has a complete line of scar management products, and we offer the latest innovation in skin-firming treatments for men, women and children who want to look their best.

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  • Innovative Products for<br>Serious Clinical Needs

    Innovative Products for
    Serious Clinical Needs

    Whether you treat acute burn injuries, manage the long and intensive rehabilitation process, or perform cosmetic surgery procedures, Bio Med Sciences has the products you need to maximize your patients' outcomes.

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  • An FDA Registered and<br>ISO Compliant Facility

    An FDA Registered and
    ISO Compliant Facility

    Bio Med Sciences offers custom design, development & manufacturing services in a wide range of technological areas. Our skilled team of R&D professionals specialize in novel skin adhesive systems and thin film production.

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  • Distributors, Importers, Suppliers

    Distributors, Importers, Suppliers

    Silon® products are available exclusively from Bio Med and through authorized business partners. Continue here for a distributor in your area; or if you are interested in becoming a valued partner, please contact us to explore opportunities in your market.

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  • Privately Held,<br>Funded by Individual Investors

    Privately Held,
    Funded by Individual Investors

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Branded Product Lines


Our Silon-TSR® and Dual-Dress® lines of woundcare products provide professional healthcare providers with advanced solutions for burn treatment, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, long-term care and rehabilitation applications.
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Scar Management

Our Silon® and Oleeva® brands of scar management products are uniquely designed for professional and consumer use. We offer the only family of scar management products in the market, each item designed to meet a specific clinical need. • Learn More

Renewing Technologies

SeaAllure® is an innovative, night-time skin firming patch clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. SeaAllure uses moisturizing Silon® with a silky fabric backing and skin-tightening ingredients from the sea.
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Silon is an Inter-penetrating Polymer Network (IPN) that uses PTFE (Teflon) to enhance the physical properties of silicone for a wide variety of uses.



In the Spring of this yr I had surgery, used your scarshape product for 12wks, very happy with the results. You have a great product and excellent customer service, all at a reasonable price. You DO have a superior product. In my work I am frequently asked for referrals, including scar mgmt post-plastic surgery, and I am happy to recommend your scarshapes.

Maureen F.
Baltimore, MD